The Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes are a collection of 3 Summits in the centre of the Langdale Valley in the Lake District. Made up of Harrison Stickle, Pavey Ark and Pike o Blisco they have a distinctive classic Lakeland appearance. Once your familiar with the Langdale Pikes you’ll notice them from various locations. You can even see them from the M6 approaching Cumbria on a clear day.

I climbed the Langdale Pikes in late Summer and can recall the cars temperature gauge suggesting it was 28 degree C. Parking at the Old Dungeon Ghyll National Trust Car park you are at the foot of the Pikes and you start your ascent alongside Stickle Ghyll.

An attractive flow of water from Stickle tarn above. As I progressed some of this looked familiar, I recall a Ghyll Scrambling expedition with Secondary School where we came here probably 10 years earlier. It was winter then with Ice around and we all used wet suite to keep warm, no need for such dress today and given the temperature I could imagine myself cooling off in here later on.

The Langdale Pikes

As you progress up the Ghyll you eventually reach Stickle Tarn, A wonderful high-level fairly large Tarn, nestled below the magnificent Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle. For the brave amongst you there a grade 3 scramble up Pavey Ark called Jacks Rake. I plan on doing this in the future and taking 360 degree images throughout. For now though I took the easier route around the side.

Once on the summit of Pavey Ark you get a great view down over the Tarn below and the Langdale Valley. You can sit on the rocks edge and there’s a great sense of altitude at this point.

Moving onto Harrison Stickle I was pestered by really strong winds at this point, nevertheless stood on the summit with such strong wind blowing over you, It felt like I were flying for a moment, such a great view and with the cooling wind rushing over you it was a great experience.

An aerial view of Blea Tarn.

From this point I descended and returned to the Dungeon Ghyll Hotel for a cold drink then home.

Here you can see more of my Lake District Pictures from Langdale

The Langdale Pikes

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