Scafell Pike from Seathwaite

Scafell Pike Summit 360

Scafell Pike is Englands highest peak. Sat at the heads of the Wasdale and Eskdale valleys, Scafell Pike is a very popular climb given it “highest” accolade.

Before I set out on my walks I do a fair bit of research, work out the route, time required take into account the time of year, try and plan some interesting Landscape Photography shots before hand. Pre visualization of a shot is a must for Landscape Photographers in my mind, however in order to pre visualize you need to know what your visualizing, many of my walks I class as research missions. Walk with your eyes open and look for interesting patterns, arrangements and see how you can use these elements and the weather at various times of day to compose the shot.

A large part of my pre walk research involves studying the informative Alfred Wainwright guides. Wainwright suggests that Seathwaite is the best starting point for an ascent of Scafell Pike. You can attempt this walk from Wasdale, Eskdale, Langdale and probably others, but I settled on Seathwaite.

It was a red hot summers day when I set off, parking at Seathwaite was simple enough although if I’d arrived 30 minutes later it wouldn’t have been, I was a mile down the road from Seathwaite Farm given the volume of traffic parking up.

Passing through the Farm you follow Stockley Beck south until you reach a fork in the path at Stockley Bridge. I went straight on at this point following the path along Grains Gill. This part of the walk is an attractive section, with a well constructed path along the flowing water at the bottom of a neat little valley below Seathwaite Fell and Glaramara. As you ascend you eventually reach a T-junction at the top of Ruddy Gill by Sprinkling Tarn.

The final part of the ascent here gives an impressive view of Great End towering above. Accentuated by the fact that you are walking up hill and Great end is much higher.

As you reach the junction you become aware of the popularity of this area. The path here is like a main highway, bringing people from Langdale, Seathwaite and Wasdale together.

Heading South East or left at the junction takes you round the magnificent Great End and up to Esk Haus again from here you have a choice of direction, across to Esk Pike , down the Eskdale Valley or back West to Great End and on to Scafell Pike.

Passing Great End you head towards Broad Crag.You get your first glimpse of the Summit from along here.

This section is covered in large boulders, and passing these in places can be a challenge.

On reaching Broad Crag you descend slightly before you start the final ascent of Scafell Pike.

This 360 degree panoramic Image below is from the start of the descent onto the ridge.

The 360 degree panoramic image below was taken on the ridge.

The 360 degree panoramic image below was taken ascending the ridge with the final climb to the Summit.

This section is fairly thin and exposed between Dropping Crag and Chambers Crag.

Once over this you are likely to be faced with two things. The first is the sight of the summit and the second is a crowd, there was alomost a race on with otehr walkers walking as fast as they could to get the the Summit. The view wasnt to be rushed for today, thats for sure.

As I experienced it was a very popular climb with a large cross section of ages of walker. It was still really hot and uncomfortable weather and unfortunately the clouds had come in so there was no view for me today.

The 360 degree panoramic image above was taken whilst stud on the Summit Cairn. The highest photo in England. Maybe the Highest Equiangular Image in England.

The 360 degree image below shows the Trig point and the Summit Cairn.

My planned decent was via the corridor route which brings you out at Sty Head below Great Gable.This shot below is looking back up at the ridge, still with a line of walkers crossing.

Spot the peopel on ths path below the ridge above. I can spot 4 people in total.

Looking across to Great Gable from the Corrodor Route.

Styhead Tarn in the distance. My next way point.

A 360 degree panoramic image taken along the Corridor Route. No sign of the weather lifting just yet.

Piers gill as seen in 360 degrees

Passing Sty Head Tarn you can follow Styhead Gill around the west side of Seathwaite Fell and back to Stockley Bridge.

Taylor Gill Force waterfall is worth a visit before you arrive at Stockley Bridge and onto Seathwaite Farm to round off the route Wainwright called the most interesting way to see England’s Highest Peak.

Here you can see more of My Lake District Pictures from Wasdale, Landgale and Eskdale.

Scafell Pike from Seathwaite

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