Old School Gallery Exhibition

I’m please to announce a selection of my framed prints are now available for purchase at the Old School Gallery and Tea Rooms at Crooklands. Below is some background information on the Gallery and a photo of my display.

Preston Patrick Primary School was built by public subscription form 1775 to serve the local farming community. The SW part of the building, completed by 1780, incorporates ships timbers, with oak beams from Ulverston and Barrow in Furness.

To begin with both boys and girls attended the school taught by the Curate of the Parish. In 1843 a Robert Brockbank was appointed schoolmaster. Later the girl’s school moved to a new school in Endmoor. A later headmaster was Walter John with Mrs Caton taking the younger class. Preston Patrick School eventually closed in 1949.

Frank and Sue Sanderson purchased the building September 2005 recognising it as an iconic building of importance to the community, and seeing its potential.

Three years of extensive restoration including a new roof of local green slate. It eventually opened as a Gallery and Tea Room in 2009. The Bell Tower will hopefully be replaced in the near future.

The Old School, as everyone affectionately calls it, gas a friendly ambience, reflecting the happy times the local children enjoyed.

The singer Frankie Vaughan, having been evacuated form Liverpool, attended the school and his sister went to Endmoor School. He later returned to give a concert to aid a local fund raising event.

Art classes are planned for, as Frank says, “It started life as a place of learning and that is what it deserves to remain.”

The permanent exhibition ‘ships of Destiny’, features famous historical ships that helped shape our country, as we know it today.

The local community have shown great interest in its renovation producing stories and photographs in abundance, with many enjoyable visits.


Old School Gallery Exhibition

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